Our Mission

The Pensacola Debt Sharks plan to spread awareness and fundraise at least $50,000, therefore, relieving $50,000,000 of medical debt in the Pensacola and Mobile area through debt buying. So far they have raised over $28,000 dollars to relieve more than $2,000,000 of medical debt.

Debt Sharks

The Pensacola Debt Sharks were founded in late September of 2016 by Samir Boussarhane and Falen McClellan, two Pensacola high school IB juniors. The students created The Debt Sharks for their community service project and plan to relieve $5,000,000 by raising $50,000 for RIP Medical Debt, who will use the money to relieve the debt of those who cannot afford to pay it in the Northwest Florida area. This project is the first of its kind to be done in the local area and is planned so that it holds a large impact on the community. Stay tuned for events and ways to help!

*All donations made to The Debt Sharks are tax deductible do to the 501(c3) status of RIP Medical Debt.


RIPMedical Debt

RIP Medical Debt a 501(c3), Inc., was founded in mid-2014 by two former collections industry executives, Craig Antico and Jerry Ashton. Having worked for decades in the medical field, the two were acutely aware of the number of Americans who shoulder the burden of unpaid medical debt, and the enormity of that debt. They also knew that they were uniquely qualified to help. Using their experience and connections within that world, they developed a strategy to aggressively tackle this scourge. Once this debt is in their possession, it is abolished as a gift from RIP to the patient. No strings attached. A gift made possible by complete strangers. People, helping people. Since RIP can purchase medical debt for pennies on the dollar, donors have an unprecedented opportunity to make a huge impact on the lives of our local citizens. Each donated dollar can pay off up to $100 dollars of medical debt! A $50 donation can relieve a $5,000 burden! Visit them by clicking here.

Opportunities to help

To spread the word and share our Facebook page, Twitter, and website.

For our next events, visit our social media pages or to stay in the loop about upcoming events and ways to help, sign up for our email club or text club (text “I want to join” to 850-607-0528 to stay informed).

How to donate

To donate online click here

To donate via text; text debtsharks, your amount, and your name to 41444